Staff Highlight: Jennifer Mueller

This week’s staff highlight is coming from none other than Jennifer Mueller! 

Role: Museum Manager/Director

What inspired me to work in the museum field: I always loved archeology and history from the time I was a small child. There was a farmer’s field across from my childhood home where I could find bits and pieces of old glass and ceramics. Every time it was plowed, I would go and look for new treasures. As a summer student I had an opportunity to work at the Lac La Biche Mission Historical Site, and I really enjoyed learning about local history and developing exhibits. Later in life I had an opportunity to work in the museum field once again and I jumped at the opportunity, and I have been working in the museum field ever since.

What is your favourite part of working at the museum: My favourite part of working at the museum is developing new exhibits. In addition to my managerial duties, I’m fortunate to have an opportunity to create some of the new exhibits installed at the museum as well as at off-site locations every year. I always love getting a chance to choose artifacts I think people will enjoy seeing. I also find developing exhibits feeds my creative side and so it’s wonderful to have a job that gives me the opportunity to put my own creative twists on the exhibits I’ve developed.

What is one exhibit that holds a special significance to you and why: I really enjoyed creating the “100 Years of Women’s Fashion” exhibit. It was one of the first temporary exhibits we developed for the museum when we moved into our new location in 2019. I found the topic to be very interesting and the exhibit itself was quite beautiful showcasing clothing and accessories from the 1890s-1990s.

What do you consider to be the most significant achievement or milestone the museum has accomplished under your leadership?

One significant achievement that stands out for me is when the Lac La Biche Museum won the 2022 Business Award of Excellence in Hospitality and Tourism for the Lac La Biche region. Our staff has worked very hard to create an amazing museum for both visitors and residents to enjoy. We were so honoured to be recognized for our contribution to the tourism industry in the Lac La Biche region.

Jen photo