National Retro Day

Happy National Retro Day! 

Remember the days of disco, bell-bottom pants, and jumpsuits? Let’s look back at women’s fashion of the 1970s.

The 1970s was a decade influenced by societal change. The civil rights movement, women’s rights, and greater acceptance for the LGBT community influenced fashion, as did a new interest in caring for the earth. Early 1970s fashion was a continuation of the hippie look of the 60s, including tie dye shirts, peasant   blouses, and mini skirts.


In complete opposition to the earthy hippie look was the disco look, which was all about glam. Sequins, glitter, metallic fabrics, animal prints, spandex, and jumpsuits were all part of disco fashion. Generally disco was something to wear out dancing in the evening, rather than a daytime look.

In the late 1970s women’s fashion adopted a more fitted silhouette. Shoulder pads last seen in the 1940s were reintroduced. By 1979, pants had lost their flared legs in favour of a tighter fitted ankle and fashion was all about tailored suits for both daytime and evening wear.

Check out these 1970s fashions that are part of the Lac La Biche Museum’s Collection.

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