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Lac La Biche Museum Murder Mystery

An important note: Lac La Biche Museum Murder Mystery is a game. No murder actually took place at the Lac La Biche Museum and all of the people you will read about are made-up characters. They are not real people and not based on real people. Any resemblance is coincidental.  


In July, there was a terrible tragedy at the museum. The museum’s intern, Bob, was murdered!

There are four employees at the museum, but all have alibis. The police are baffled. They need someone with a keen knowledge of Lac La Biche to sort through the evidence and figure out who is lying.

Review each person’s alibi. Then check their workspace to see if anything doesn’t match up.


The Four Employees:

Kelly: The president

James: The receptionist

Kaiden: The educator

Miranda: The archivist


Kelly’s Alibi: I was at a Zoom meeting on tourism in Lac La Biche during the time of the murder. My notes are on my desk to prove it.




Kaiden’s Alibi: I wasn’t even in the building. I was photographing wildflowers for my education program. You can see them on my desk.




James’ Alibi: Uuugh, you’re really going to make me say it? Fine. I was bored and started sketching birds I’ve seen around. I got really into my art. Didn’t hear or see a thing. My drawings are awesome, though!




Miranda’s Alibi: I was working on this comprehensive timeline of Lac La Biche’s history. Researching it took hours. I didn’t have time to murder Intern Bob.



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