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Lac La Biche Museum in partnership with Lac La Biche County Libraries presents Moving Pictures: The Story of Film

Stop Motion Animation

Stop Motion Animation Demonstration

Stop motion animation is easy! Here we have a demonstration with the horse puppet included in our Film package.
Still want to know more about stop motion animation? You can see the process of animating an entire video here.




Early Days of Film

Now that you know so much about how movies were made in the old days, would you like to watch some old movies? Follow the links below to learn a little bit about the very early days of cinema.

Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat, 1895

The Lumière Brothers (Auguste and Louis) were some of the earliest filmmakers. This short film is typical of the first movies, which were not narratives but simple recordings of daily life.

The Kiss in the Tunnel, 1899

An early attempt at narrative filmmaking. The Kiss in the Tunnel was one of the first films to splice multiple shots together to tell a story.

Mary Jane’s Mishap, 1903

This early film used relatively sophisticated techniques such as superposition, wipes, and varying levels of shot closeness.

A Trip to the Moon, 1902

George Méliès experimented with dreamlike, surreal stories. The shot of the rocket embedded in the moon’s eye from A Trip to the Moon might be the most iconic image from the early era of film.





Want to play the film editing game again? You can find the blank comic sheets here.

Want to make another strip for your zoetrope? You can find a blank template here.

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