Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ


Q: What is your admission fee?

A: Admission is currently by donation.

Model of the Empress of France


Q: How do I get there?

A: We are currently located on the lower level of McArthur Place. Once at the building, the museum can be accessed via the stairwell on the right or the elevator to the left.


Q: Do you have a Gift Shop?

A: We do have a Gift Shop; however, we do not accept debit or credit at this time.


Museum FAQ


Q: Are you accepting donations? I have an old _____ I would like to donate.

A: We do accept donations of artefacts; however, please call ahead before donating large items. As our museum reflects the Lac La Biche region, donations should have a connection to the region. Please call us at 780-623-1727 or email us through our Contact page if you are unsure of donating an item.


Q: May I take photos in the museum?

A: Usually, you may take photos of our exhibits. However, please check with a museum representative on site during your visit as we may have images on display that cannot be photographed.


Q: Can I get a copy of a picture of _____?

A: We do occasionally provide copies of photos and may charge a small fee to cover associated costs. Additionally, not all photos are available for copying due to copyright. For special requests, please visit us in person.


Bookings FAQ


Q: Do you do tours?

A: We do have tours available for those that book in advance of their visit. Tours may have an associated cost; the museum will let you know at time of booking if there are any costs involved. School groups will have a tour that aligns with their curriculum.


Q: I would like to bring my class/daycare group to the museum for a tour. How can I book?

A: You can either book by calling us at 780-623-1727 or emailing us through our Contact page. If you choose to book online, we will send a follow-up message within three days to confirm your tour. If we have not responded by that time, please send us another message or call us. We will contact you with any associated costs at this time.


Q: I have a large group that would like to visit the museum. Do I have to make a booking?

A: If you do not want a tour of the museum, you do not have to make a booking. However, we would appreciate notice of large groups so that they do not clash with other large groups or booked tours. Please call us at 780-623-1727 if you have a large group visiting the museum.

Edmonton Bulletin, December 5, 1918
Edmonton Bulletin, December 5, 1918

Archives FAQ


Q: I am looking for information on a relative of mine. Do you know anything?

A: We do some minor research here at the museum. Please contact us online or in person with research requests. If you have made your request online, a museum representative will respond within three days to confirm your request. However, there may be a delay in fulfilling your request due to museum events and time needed to research your request. We do not have a researcher dedicated to fulfilling requests at the museum, so please have patience with us.


Q: I would like to access your archives. May I research myself?

A: We welcome members of the public! We are still in the process of sorting everything in our archives, but researchers are still welcome. If you are not familiar with how to research, use archives, or handle documents/photos, we can give you a crash course.