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Accuse Miranda


Of course it was Miranda. As you correctly deduced, she couldn’t have spent hours researching that timeline. Several facts are wrong!

  • The first documented European in Lac La Biche was David Thompson. Peter Fidler came a little later.
  • The Lac La Biche Inn opened in 1916 and closed in 1918.
  • The first mayor of Lac La Biche was Urgele Limoges.
  • The railway that came to Lac La Biche was the Alberta and Great Waterways.

Clearly, Miranda used the time she should have been working on the project to kill Intern Bob. Then she just guessed on the history, assuming that no one would notice her facts were wrong.

Did you spot the extra sign of her guilt? A responsible archivist would never keep an open cup of coffee on her desk, especially not with original materials nearby. Clearly Miranda was so distracted by her murder, she wasn’t thinking.

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