To establish a unique facility for discovery, participation and appreciation of Lac La Biche County/Lakeland Region heritage.

We are dedicated to the development of a facility that will be the hub that provides interpretive, historical and cultural programs to Lac La Biche County/Lakeland Region.

To foster understanding, awareness and appreciation among residents and visitors for the region’s special and unique natural, historical and cultural history.
To promote learning about and celebration of the natural, historical and cultural heritage of the region.
To encourage, conduct, arrange and assist in interpretive activities and programs in the field of natural, historical and cultural heritage of the region.
To acquire, protect and preserve property, both real and personal having historical significance.
To establish a catalogue system for historical documents and objects to ensure adequate document of source and ownership.
To acquire a facility to house interpretive programming, museum and archives in order to preserve our unique natural, historical and cultural heritage.
To network and partner with organizations and individuals with the intention of jointly becoming keepers of the region’s heritage.
To enter into agreements with governments, public authorities and private individuals to acquire rights, privileges and responsibilities to obtain, catalogue and display historical artifacts.